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P2P and Bittorrent have gotten a bad rap. It is frequently blocked and seriously restricted from many ISP’s especially in the USA, Australia, Canada and the UK. Worse yet users sign up for a BitTorrent VPN service only to find that they take massive speed hits while torrenting because their using shared IP addresses.

A good BitTorrent VPN optimized network will provide each subscriber their own dynamically allocated anonymous public IP address. For those who like the extra privacy of shared IP addresses, we have those too.

LiquidVPN has worked very hard to optimize our VPN network for torrenting. Our network meets the unique requirements of Bittorrent users and other P2P file sharing applications. Choose a Dynamic IP VPN connection, your favorite torrent client and supercharge your torrent downloads again in no time.

The best VPN service for torrenting
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The Best VPN for Torrenting

When choosing a VPN service for torrenting there are some unique factors to consider especially if you live in a country where DMCA requests are used as weapons like the USA and the UK. LiquidVPN has considered these factors and built a service that will meet the challenges of even the most prolific P2P junkies.

We do not partake in QoS, censoring, forced packet filtering, or traffic shaping. We firmly believe in net neutrality and treat all content, sites and services equal. As such you will not find blocked sites or services at LiquidVPN. This includes bittorrent trackers. Because of our commitment to net neutrality it would be unethical to impede P2P transfers on VPN servers because they are located in the UK or USA.
LiquidVPN provides users with top level support. You can open a ticket from just about any page on our website or chat with a CSR. New users can even request an interactive chat session with one of our highly trained CSR’s to help them setup their new VPN connection on Windows & Mac.
We publish all of the abuse reports we receive that requires an action taken on our part and anything with some type of gag order will have our Warrant Canary singing like a bird to warn of a possible government agency involvement.
LiquidVPN provides all users with their choice of IP addresses. We suggest dynamic IP addresses for bittorrent and other P2P applications but we also provide shared IP addresses and modulating IP addresses. Modulating IP addresses are completely unique in the VPN industry and provides a level of privacy that is unrivaled.

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