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One click connections and a built-in firewall. Connect to OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSEC, and SSTP

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Our VPN Mac client requires an active subscription.
It requires Mac OS X 1.6 or higher

LiquidVPN for MacOS started with Viscosity

Our Mac VPN client has come a long way. The first version was little more than a custom skinned Viscosity client. The new Mac client has access to multiple topologies, a kill switch, DNS control and more. We even built a custom firewall for our Mac VPN software.

Secure your Internet communications

There are thousands of VPN services on the Internet cropping up. Most resell another service or rely on cloud providers to lease cheap virtual servers that are easy to deploy a VPN for Mac users. The problem is they are slow. LiquidVPN’s personal VPN service is fast.

Smart content streaming

All of our VPN services can stream USA and UK content Like Netflix and Hulu from any of the 40+ VPN servers in our network.

Connect to SSTP on Mac OS X

There are very few Mac clients that support SSTP. Ours supports OpenVPN and SSTP.

Stop attacks and block leaks

Liquid Lock is available on our Mac VPN software. It sets your firewall to secure the VPN connection.

A service with ethics

We provide a weekly signed warrant canary and clearly defined terms of service. You will always know where you stand with LiquidVPN.

Secure VPN Services for Mac
Streaming the VPN Mac Way

Stop overpaying for your online privacy

Just because you paid $2800.00 for your new Macbook Pro does not mean you want to spend $12.00 or more per month for secure VPN access. The good news is LiquidVPN access starts at $4.95 per month. The bad news is you will still be living in dongle hell.

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VPN for Mac

User-friendly Mac software

Ease of use was the name of the game when designing our VPN for Macs. We added requested features like IPv6 leak prevention, automatic/manual Liquid Lock control, and IP-based split tunnel VPN connections.

Protect your DNS queries

Our VPN client for Mac comes with full DNS control. You can use our private DNS servers when you want the most protection or select your favorite DNS servers.

Granular port and protocol control

Select a desired port for the VPN connection or keep it set to automatic and it will find the best port available. Switch protocols and topologies too.

Experience IP Modulation's benefits

IP Modulation is like nothing you have experienced before. Your public IP address can change five or six times during the loading of a single web page.

Stream Netflix and Hulu

LiquidVPN has been able to defeat the new blocks from Netflix and Hulu. We will continue to fight for an uncensored Internet.

Servers in 13 Countries

Our network has 40+ VPN servers with 65Gbps of total bandwidth. Connect to over 2000 IP addresses in 13 countries.

Incredible Tech Support

Our support staff will make your experience a personal one that you are guaranteed to enjoy.

Three Times the Fun

LiquidVPN comes with three unique topologies. Each topology assigns you a different type of IP address.

Dynamic IP Addresses

Sometimes you just need a dynamically assigned public IP address. We have you covered.

AES 256 Encryption

We do not take security lightly. All of our OS X OpenVPN configurations manually set encryption.

Mac App Updates

Automatically get Mac client updates as soon as they are pushed out by our developers.

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