Turn Wifi Hotspots into Secured Wifi Hotspot

A secured Wifi hotspot is sort of a misnomer as anyone who has had their identity compromised during a visit to Starbucks will tell you.  Basically, a Wifi hotspot is an open “line†to the Internet that anyone in the surrounding area may tap into to access the Internet.  While secured Wifi hotspots can be encrypted (requires a password to join the network) giving you some additional security, hackers can attach to your “cookies†(files that save your data) and record the data you enter such as a credit card number or your bank account information.   There is no such thing as a secured Wifi hotspot without the use of a VPN service. As an added bonus when using a VPN service is an important first step in protecting your privacy. Simply using a VPN service does not guarantee you are Surfing the web anonymously. You must use your browser’s anonymous web browsing mode in conjunction with the VPN service.

Create a secured wifi hotspot with a VPN connection

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it allows users to surf the internet securely from an un-secured wifi hotspot or network by tunneling through the unsecured network to the internet. This process creates an encrypted VPN tunnel to the VPN server that requires a 1024bit or larger key to decrypt the communication between the client and server making it all but impossible for hackers to gain access to the network and steal the encrypted data.

safety tips to consider when using a public Wifi hotspot without a VPN connection

  • Choose websites that use a secure connection use “https†versus “http†addresses.
  • Set up a onetime password for additional protection.
  • Consider getting a VPN if you consistently use public Wifi hotspots for additional data protection.
  • Make sure you are using up to date spyware and malware software. Be vigilant in running threat scans.


How does a VPN connection work?

A Virtual Private Network is just what is sounds like, a private network.  By creating an encrypted VPN tunnel, you have private access to the information and data you send and receive over the internet.  Your information is then encrypted, so if a hacker were able to gain access to your “lineâ€, all they would get in return is a bunch of junk, in other words is would be meaningless to them unless they can break the encryption. Usually that should be almost impossible. Unless of course you are using very old encryption algorithms. Hackers will not even bother trying because there are “unprotected†lines accessing the internet all around them.

Can I get a VPN connection as an individual?

Anyone may buy VPN services. There are two options. With the first option, the VPN service provider will give you information which you enter into your devices operating system and provides a direct connection to the VPN service. This does require some knowledge in changing the functionality of your operating system.
The second option is to buy VPN service that has custom software or you can purchase software that you will download to your device, and the rest is pretty much done for you. When you sign onto your device, there will be an icon that displays your current access to the VPN tunnel, whether you are connected or not. Once you verify your access is secured, you may anonymously browse the internet and be assured that your information is safe from those who could steal your information and make your life unbearable.