A Selection of Mac, Windows and Linux Torrent Clients

Torrenting is as its name suggests, powerful. The amount of free information you can download from the internet is enough to entertain, educate and employ you for life. Accessing this pot of information honey without the financial transaction is a contented subject, but we are not here to judge. Just to offer protection with a torrent-friendly VPN. Here are some torrent clients for OS X, Windows, and Linux you should know about.

Torrent-friendly vpn is essential in the torrent world

Music, vidya, games, torrents for life.


  • uTorrent
    This client has a special place in the hearts of many torrenters. The software is arguably the best designed under the hood, and its lightweight GUI doesn’t hurt. This client is available on all platforms, so just count this for Windows and Linux too.BitTorrent is the same client, but in purple, so there is that superficial choice to make too. This client allows for remote control- Android and iOS apps are available, so you can torrent on the go. The adverts on the desktop version at least are a little gauche. In 2015, uTorrent agreed to remove Bitcoin mining software that they bundled with a version of the software. Naughty.
  • Vuze
    A reliable uTorrent alternative, formerly known as Azureus. This torrent client has a Windows only version Leap as well as Vuze+, a paid for client that eliminates ads and includes anti-virus and DVD burning features, but who really trusts an anti-virus app that is built into their torrent software? The free version has a Meta Search features allowing you to search a comprehensive library for the content you want.RSS feeds help to streamline downloading specific content and the remote web lets you do it anywhere. Vuze also includes an HD player and converter for watching on other devices such as smartphones and video game consoles.
  • BitLord
    This free client is based on a lot of open source projects. There is a search feature built into the software, and it is also available on Windows. Unfortunately, this client is not available on mobile devices, but for desktop usage, it works well and comes with encryption support.

Transmission OS X hit by ransomware

The torrent client Transmission was infected with ransomware in March 2016. KeRanger is the first fully functional ransomware found on OS X. The version in question was 2.90, it was altered on March 4. Transmission is an open source project, so it is possible that the malicious code with inserted through that way. A patched version was released, 2.92, that would remove the malware. Apparently KeRanger can lie dormant for three days as an evasive measure.

The developers have assured users that the patch will fix the problem, but will that convince people to use the open source alternatives? Greater involvement is the fix to this issue. But that requires a level of technical ability not everyone has.


  • FlashGet
    FlashGet is a leading download manager, the software has the highest number of users on the internet for downloading. It uses MHT (Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation), supports numerous protocols and file management features. As it is freeware FlashGet does not have adware or spyware. It has a low CPU footprint allowing you to torrent efficiently.
  •  Tixati
    This newcomer to the BitTorrent game is a basic enough client but with a healthy amount of features, the UI is straightforward and supports magnet links as with all other clients. IP filtering and scheduling are also included. Installation and uninstallation are straightforward, and nothing is left behind. Tixati is totally free, it just focusses on the basics.
  • qBittorrent
    qBittorrent was conceived as a free software, open source and feature matching alternative to uTorrent. It is cross-platform and lightweight. The project came about due to the perceived flaws of uTorrent. People wanted something with the same feature but without ads and shitty updates. qBittorrent has succeeded.


  • Deluge
    This lightweight fully-featured cross-platform BitTorrent client is another Free Software that adheres to the free desktop standards making it work across many environments. There is a desktop UI, a browser based UI and a console UI for the command line. In addition to this, there is a great deal of plugins that allow you to get the most out of Deluge. For instance by labeling torrents, allowing notifications and scheduling according to bandwith.
  • rTorrent
    This text-based BitTorrent client was written with high-performance and good code in mind. rTorrent also has a web-based interface called ruTorrent. Not for the faint hearted, but for the right person a very powerful tool.
  • Frostwire
    This torrent client is more than just a desktop programme. You can connect with Android devices and share files via wifi. It is also possible to search for torrents within the application and play them within it too. A file manager option is available on both desktop and Android versions.


Using a torrent-friendly VPN

Torrent-friendly VPNs are ones that do not keep logs and do not divulge information in DMCA cases. Warrant canaries are another marker of a serious yet torrent-friendly VPN. LiquidVPN prides itself on offering these very services. Encryption, zero logs, modulating IPs, various topologies, and Windows, Mac, and Android VPN clients all starting at $7 per month. One week money back guarantee means that Liquid is a no nonsense VPN perfect for torrenting.