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Connect to the LiquidVPN network quickly with our exclusive new custom VPN software.
updates automatically

Easy VPN Client Updates

Always have the latest VPN client installed and the newest server list.
The most Advanced features

Smart VPN Software

Liquid Lock creates firewall rules tailored to your requirements.
Multiple VPN protocols

Supported VPN Protocols

The LiquidVPN software supports OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP and SSTP.
VPN for PC and Mac

Desktop and Mobile Software

LiquidVPN provides simple VPN software for many platforms.
Our Desktop VPN Software

Real Simple VPN Software

New users taking the initial step and purchasing a VPN to protect their privacy online find themselves bombarded by services offering gimmicky features and silly mascots instead of providing the real solutions they were expecting to find. It is no different when choosing a VPN provider whose VPN software you will be trusting with your online security and privacy. LiquidVPN provides an incredibly simple VPN client that has the features you need. Some of our VPN software’s unique features include…

  • Liquid Lock – Protect your identity if your VPN connection fails.
  • Automatic DNS/Data Leak Protection – Blocks unwanted apps from “leaking” your real information.
  • IPv6  Control – Disable IPv6 when connected to LiquidVPN
  • Session Traffic Statistics – Find out how fast your P2P VPN connection is transferring using the real-time HUD.
  • Custom Connections – Connect to all of our VPN topologies with a few clicks.
  • Built-In Firewall – Block things like the WebRTC vulnerability with our built in VPN firewall.
  • More Features – Get automatic updates and in-app technical support.

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