Simplify your Online VPN Service

LiquidVPN has been providing online VPN service for under a year but we have grown a lot over the course of 2013. When we started developing content for we looked at other web hosting providers and we found that most of the sites we visited were large robust websites with dozens of pages saying the same basic message over and over again. When we spoke to admins they said they did this to bring in traffic from dozens of search phrases and that was the way to survive in this cut throat industry. This was the same thing we found across the internet be it traditional web hosting or specialty hosting sites. All the best sites were the sites with dozens of pages to showcase the most trivial features in mind numbing detail. So this is what we did for LiquidVPN. Finally after writing 30,000 or more words for our 50+ page website we realized that all of this content while being incredibly interesting to us and perhaps mildly interesting to some of the tech junkies out there was way to confusing and quite frankly boring to the average user looking to secure their devices communications while on vacation.  So during the later part of August we started working on LiquidVPN 2.0 and this new design with its simple navigation and 5 or 6 pages is the result of that re-design.


New Features & Simple Navigation

Our VPN software has gotten a face-lift. We have done away with the confusing configuration files with over descriptive titles that only a small portion of users were able to understand instead the naming convention is very easy. You choose your location, what type of IP you want (shared, dynamic, static or modulating) and finally choose between the preferred port or backup port and that is it.

  • All of our FAQs and support documents have been moved to the billing portals built in knowledgebase.
  • Our billing portal and VPN management interface has been re-tooled so that it is very easy to find the VPN management area where you can get configuration files, see the status of servers, change your username and VPN password and more.
  • We have stopped offering the mobile VPN service that was limited to 5GBs of data each month in favor of a similar priced unlimited data option.
  • We have added support for Visa, Mastercard, Amex and various smaller cards plus we have added support for Bitcoin.

The script library

The major improvement this release is the addition of our new script library. Users can extend the functionality of their online VPN service by downloading a pre-built script on LiquidVPN and following the directions on how to use it. You will find all sorts of neat scripts in the library that will do everything from prevent DNS leaks to controlling applications and internet functionality based on the status of your VPN connection. Users with questions and concerns are welcome to post them here or check out our knowledgebase for the answer. If you cannot find it there then open a ticket and we will be happy to help get it working on your device.