We Stopped The Comcast Merger VPN Sale

There are few companies in America hated as much as Comcast and Time Warner. So when Comcast announced their plans to take over Time Warner citizens took action to stop these regional monopolies from expanding their stranglehold on internet access. Both of these companies have a long history of crushing out the competition in an area by the way of dirty politicians and peering shenanigans. Essentially making it impossible for competition to provide internet access to users in their regions. In many locations Comcast and Time Warners only competition is Time Warner or Comcast. Users in these regions essentially are only able to choose between one of the most hated companies in America or its ugly little sister.

Groups like fight for the future and hundreds of thousands of Americans fought back and today it was announced that they won! To celebrate we are offering 15% off VPN subscriptions for new users with the promo code NoMerger

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