Introducing Our Exclusive Modulating IP VPN Connection

Only LiquidVPN can deliver the seamless IP hopping required to  make a VPN connection like IP Modulation work.

Bypass IP Restrictions

Unblock censored or blocked media, websites and ecommerce stores.

Admins and ISP’s restrict bandwidth, block files and services by IP address. When the public address changes every few packets websites and services are fooled into thinking the traffic is coming from multiple sources. This means tasks can be finished in record time.

Enhance Your Security

Anonymously browse the internet while your IP changes continuously changes.

A Modulating IP address makes intercepting and deciphering your traffic impossible. It completely stops certain kinds of attacks and tracking methods that rely on knowing your external IP address. This will allow you to browse the web anonymously like never before.
Be Anonymous

Maximum Performance

IP Modulation 2.0 has been redesigned from the ground up to be ultra fast.
10Gbps VPN

IP Modulation 2.0 is up to 500% faster than the same VPN connection using IP Modulation 1.0. 1.0 was created for LiquidVPN users that required privacy above all. With the introduction of 2.0 everyone can enjoy the added benefits without losing 75% of their bandwidth.
VPN Performance

Information Security

IP Modulation is protected behind our NAT firewall and private DNS service

IP Modulation 2.0 is the most anonymous VPN connection on earth. By constantly changing your public IP address and the pool of users using the same IP address your data is obscured, it is impossible for anyone to track a single users session through all of the public IP hops.
VPN Topologies
What is IP Modulation?
IP Modulation 2.0 is the new game changing VPN feature offered exclusively at LiquidVPN. Inspired by enterprise load balancing techniques. Each time your browser requests HTML, uses Javascript or requests information from a database your public IP has a chance to change. Your IP could change 10 or 20 times on a single page load on some websites. All of the modulating IP addresses in the IP pool are shared between EVERY LiquidVPN user on a modulating VPN connection or using our shared IP VPN topology.

Modulating IP addresses has many advantages over a shared IP VPN connection. For instance on a shared IP VPN connection you share a single IP address with a few other users. On a modulating VPN connection you could be sharing 32 IP addresses with a hundred or more other LiquidVPN users. With a shared IP VPN topology you could be banned from a website or service because someone abused the connection in the past. With modulating IP addresses there is a much lower risk of this happening because the IP addresses are always changing.

IP Modulation

Modulate Your IP
How to Use IP Modulation
Any LiquidVPN user that is connected to our network using our simple VPN software Liquid Viscosity or any other OpenVPN client can make use of our Modulating IP VPN connection. Liquid Viscosity users only need to select an OpenVPN configuration that says “Modulating” in the server window. Other OpenVPN client will need to use our OpenVPN configuration file generator in order to generate OpenVPN configuration files that connect to the IP Modulation VPN topology.


Don't Let The Websites You Browse Browse You!