How To Connect To LiquidVPN's Shared IP VPN Tunnels

Our shared IP VPN tunnels strike a wonderful balance between online privacy, security and simplicity.
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Enhanced Security for Your Device

Your device is protected by a N.A.T firewall.
Web Target

Whenever you connect to one of our shared IP VPN tunnels your device stays protected behind our advanced N.A.T firewall. LiquidVPN’s N.A.T firewall sits in front of your device and provides you and your data with an extremely effective extra layer of security with virtually no drawbacks. LiquidVPN’s N.A.T firewall will stop malicious incoming traffic from ever knowing your device is connected to the internet.

Effectively Conceal Your Traffic

Dozens of users share a single IP address.
Server Firewall Included

With a shared IP VPN multiple users share a single public IP address. A shared IP VPN connection is protected by a NAT firewall and is harder to track back to a single user. Shared IP’s are the industry standard when it comes to VPN services because they provide a balance between usability and privacy. LiquidVPN includes 3 IP topologies including shared, public and modulating IP addresses.

Strikes Perfect Usability Balance

A shared IP is easy to use and highly anonymous.
Increased VPN Privacy

We recommend new users connect exclusively to our shared IP VPN tunnels until they become more familiar with the properties of the more advanced VPN tunnel topologies we offer. A shared IP VPN tunnel is perfect for almost any activity because of the wonderful balance it is able to strike between anonymity, transparency, online security and ease of use. Its the most well balanced topology we offer.

Security Through Obscurity

Identity theft is on the rise all over the globe. Massive data breaches have put our private lives up for auction to the highest bidder. As these attacks become more sophisticated the damage to the victims lives grow exponentially. Hackers are no longer satisfied with just credit card numbers. Increasingly they want to become us. Seeking medical treatment at dozens of doctors, pharmacies and hospitals. Criminals are filing false tax returns and purchasing big ticket items in our names. The data they are after is stored on our devices and it is time we take action.

How a Shared IP VPN Hides Your Identity
Shared IP VPN Tunnels Prevents ID Theft

Using a Shared IP VPN Tunnel

When you would like to connect to a shared IP VPN tunnel from within our VPN software Liquid Viscosity the process is very simple. For example the server listed as “Toronto Shared UDP 443” will connect you to Toronto Canada, using a shared IP address on UDP port 443.Users that prefer to use the open source version of OpenVPN will need to use the OpenVPN configuration generator  to create their preferred list of servers with shared IP addresses. All of the PPTP, L2TP and SSTP VPN connections use our Shared IP VPN topology.

When to use a Shared IP VPN Tunnel
  • Browsing from Mobile Devices: Unlike desktops; many mobile devices do not have a firewall installed by default. When surfing from your mobile device LiquidVPN always recommends using modulating or shared IP VPN connections.
  • Enhancing your Privacy Online: Only our modulating IP addresses provide more privacy. LiquidVPN recommends a shared IP VPN tunnel for your daily browsing.
  • Browsing from Wi-Fi Hotspots: Public Wi-Fi hotspots are dangerous places to surf from. You should exercise extreme caution and browse the web from a shared IP tunnel.

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