Surf Anonymously by Browsing with Privacy Mode

The introduction of personal VPN services could be said to have come in the nick of time. Internet privacy is becoming a rare commodity. The amount of data stored about the average user in the databases of google and facebook is mind boggling. Luckily with the addition of a personal VPN service and a few additional steps users are able to enjoy anonymity once again when using the internet. The fact that you can now surf anonymously has the added benefit of increasing the amount of security you have on the internet. Websites and hackers who have a vested interest in your browsing habits and personal information now have an uphill battle when trying to access the information of people who are surfing anonymously using VPN connection and privacy mode. You already know how to use a VPN (we assume) here is how you can surf anonymously on various web browsers.

Incognito mode (chrome)

You can surf anonymously while connected to our Pro VPN service  and Google Chrome by enabling Incognito mode on your browser. The first thing that you need to do is run Google Chrome while simultaneously holding [dt_highlight color=””]“CTRL+SHIFTâ€[/dt_highlight] then press [dt_highlight color=””]‘N’[/dt_highlight]. You can then shut down the other web browser and use the one that popped up to surf anonymously or keep the other browser open and just go Incognito where needed. This is a very neat trick that you can use to surf anonymously without a website knowing who exactly you are through the use of cookies. Please be aware that Google Chrome is not the best browser to surf anonymously.

InPrivate mode (IE)

It would be kind of silly if Internet Explorer didn’t have a mechanism in place to allow users to browse anonymously using a VPN connection considering the fact that it’s one of the most popular (still) web browsers in the world. You just need to activate the InPrivate Browser mode. You can do this by opening up a new tab [dt_highlight color=””]“CTRL+Nâ€[/dt_highlight] and then select the option [dt_highlight color=””]“Browse with InPrivateâ€[/dt_highlight]. You can also visit support for details on other versions of IE.


Private Browsing mode Firefox

Firefox is considered the best web browser for surfing anonymously and it is also very reliable. You can browse anonymously using a VPN connection and private browsing mode if you have a Firefox browser. You just need to go to the [dt_highlight color=””]“File Menuâ€[/dt_highlight] then select [dt_highlight color=””]“New Private Windowâ€[/dt_highlight] With the new version of Firefox you can surf anonymously in one window and surf normally in the other window. If you use the addons Ghostery, AdBlock Plus and NoScript with private mode there will be no trace of your presence in any of the sites that you visit during your sessions. Because of the addons available with firefox and the developers privacy policies behind Firefox it should be your go to browser for anonymity.

Private Browsing with Safari

The Safari web browser does not come with an option for users to browse anonymously using their VPN connection. It is possible to achieve some anonymity with Safari by clicking on the History menu and then click on the ‘Clear History’ option which is located at the bottom of the menu… We know this is not a real solution but we don’t want to get hate mail from the Safari users out there.


Conclusion and Disclaimer

It’s very important to note that the above steps will work for specific versions of the web browsers mentioned  (the latest ones). This is because web browser manufacturers are updating their products at a considerably high rate in order to keep up with the competition in the industry.  For instance the latest versions of Internet Explorer process to surf anonymously is significantly reduced. If you are truly trying to surf anonymously you can not use Google for your searches. Instead we suggest using DuckDuckGo and you will have to skip all the fancy javascript and web effects you are used to. This is why we recommend using Firefox with the noscript plugin. The last piece of the puzzle is daisy chaining your VPN connection with Tor or a private proxy. The fact that you are able to surf anonymously on the internet does not give you the privilege or right to indulge in any illegal internet activity. Be warned that you’ll still be caught through other means. Unless of course you’re this guy