Why Switzerland is a great place for a VPN

Choosing a VPN server location is one of the most critical aspects of VPN use. While many simply sign up to a provider, connect to any server and happily surf away, there really is much more to consider. This is why LiquidVPN has added Switzerland VPN servers to our growing VPN network.

VPN use is wide and varied these days and not everyone uses one for a privacy purpose. Those who use torrents may opt to use a server outside of their own jurisdiction for copyright purposes and those who want to stream content that is restricted by region will use a server in the location that the content is intended for.

There are many purposes to use a Swiss VPN but one that is most important and ultimately one of the main features of a VPN is the potential to protect your privacy and ensure your anonymity as much as is possible from a technical perspective. Most people are now aware of the seriousness of government spying and there is also a great worry around companies tracking your web usage, so with this in mind, considering your privacy is of utmost concern.

A Swiss VPN is a great choice for privacy concious users and below I explain why.

Switzerland is not in the EU

Certain countries have become basic no-go’s in terms of ensuring your privacy. While some users argue these locations are still secure, others disagree, regardless of personal opinion it is always best to err on the side of caution if you consider yourself privacy concious.

Countries such as the US and UK in particular are considered ones to avoid although this also extends to the wider EU who harbour many of the same laws and possibly even Canada, Australia & New Zealand who are part of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance.

Switzerland is surrounded by European Union countries and as such has a fast, reliable and secure infrastructure. While many EU laws are adopted in Switzerland, they are often tweaked to cherry pick the best and edited to suit Swiss privacy laws. Switzerland is not under any obligation to enact laws from any politico-economic union such as the EU.

Switzerland is not part of Five Eyes

Five Eyes is a collection of intelligence agencies from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand who are often stated to carry out intelligence gathering exercises against each other’s citizens and share this information with the host nation to circumvent domestic spying laws.

Further intelligence groups include Nine Eyes and Fourteen Eyes which contain added countries. In addition to those, others including Singapore, Japan and South Korea are considered allied.

Switzerland is not reported to be part of any of these known spy allegiances and so a Swiss VPN could be considered somewhat spy proof.

Switzerland won’t be bullied

With countries such as the UK and US being castrated by the copyright monopoly of big entertainment corporations, the tiny in stature country of Switzerland took a tough stance in 2011 declaring that “unauthorized file sharing is not a significant problem, and that existing Swiss law—which allows for downloading copyrighted content for personal use—is sufficient to protect copyright holders

While other weaker countries such as the UK have bent over at the first hurdle, Switzerland took the stance that large foreign entertainment industry companies need to adapt to the ways in which users are consuming entertainment and not try and stop such activity by requesting changes to the legislature of the Swiss legal system.

Furthermore to the Swiss cojones shown to the entertainment industry, the countries main internet provider started work on a Swiss Cloud at the end of 2013 as a way of encouraging foreign companies to host their data in Switzerland and avoid a repeat of the debacle that plagued the US tech monopoly in relation to the NSA deals.

Swisscom’s Head of IT services, Andreas Koenig was quoted in relation to the project as saying

Data protection and privacy is a long tradition in Switzerland, and that’s why it’s pretty difficult to get to something

A Swiss VPN is not only private but also good for downloading material from torrents.

Switzerland FTW?

While Switzerland won’t be protecting international criminals any time soon (and rightly so!) the advantages that it offers being an independent country allow more balanced laws to be enacted with less influence from the greater international community.

Although no country should be considered 100% spy proof, Switzerland has consistently shown itself to be a country that respects the rights of users and privacy and unless without good reason is likely to protect your surfing habits more so than certain other countries. Try our Switzerland VPN today and protect your privacy.

Image courtesy of creativedoxfoto at FreeDigitalPhotos.net