LiquidVPN’s Hotspot VPN Shield

When you’re using your laptop computer, mobile phone or tablet to surf the web, you are actually exposing the gadget to certain risks. This is especially true if you are using a Wi-Fi hotspot or a public network. These risks include hackers possibly stealing your password, your financial information, your user names and other personal, sensitive information. When you’re using Wi-Fi, for example, the passwords get sent over the network in text form so it is very easy for the tech-savvy to intercept your information and use it to their advantage. The one form of protection that you can use is a VPN or Virtual Private Network, also known as a hotspot VPN shield.

Turn Wifi Hotspots into Secured Wifi Hotspot

A secured Wifi hotspot is sort of a misnomer as anyone who has had their identity compromised because of a visit to Starbucks will tell you. Basically, a Wifi hotspot is an open “” to the Internet that anyone in the surrounding area may tap into to access the Internet. While secured Wifi hotspots can be encrypted (requires a password to join the network) giving you some additional security, hackers can attach to your “coies” (files that save your data) and record the data you enter such as a credit card number or your bank account information. There is no such thing as a secured Wifi hotspot without the use of a VPN service. As an added bonuswhen using a VPN service is an important first step in protecting your privacy. Simply using a VPN service does not guarantee you are Surfing the web anonymously. You must use your browser’s anonymous web browsing mode in conjunction with the VPN service.