Unblock Blocked Websites at School

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Content filtering on the internet has become and common. As a matter of fact, some governments such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China and Iran have put into place Internet-censorship laws that have extended the censorship to almost each and every locally-available site. This is also quite popular in a number of institutions especially schools and offices. Each institution has its reason for blocking websites. In most cases, they do not want their students or employees to waste time on ‘useless’ sites. The most commonly-blocked sites include social sites, Yahoo!, YouTube, , Orkut, , , and the like.

UK Censorship Policies Block 20% of the Internet

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In order to protect the youth in the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron, got together with BT, Talk Talk, Sky, and Virgin and came up with a method of keeping the innocent minds innocent. With this method, internet providers are blocking certain content that would not be suitable for children. Prime Minister David Cameron wants the public to believe the filters would be used to stop only the pornography; however, the filters block a lot than porn.  “Free speech is not really something ingrained in the British psyche the …