Ted Cruz Has Strong Views on Net Neutrality and Privacy

This will be the last of our candidate reviews unless someone breaks out from the pack. We’ve covered the Democrats (read about Hillary and Bernie); we’ve covered the Man With The Hair and the nice young man. Now is the time of Ted Cruz and just a heads up- he is just as nuts as the Donald.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is the junior Senator from Texas. His resume is impressive; a graduate of Harvard Law School, director of the Office of Policy Planning at the FTC, an associate attorney general at the DoJ, he whispered sweet nothings about domestic policy into the ear of George W. Bush during the 2000 election. His support base is mostly social conservatives, and his daughter does not like him. So let’s see how he scores on our doors.

Tech Literacy

For an arch-conservative Ted Cruz has a little bit of a libertarian streak yanno. He doesn’t like big government. The NSA is a pretty big government entity. Would he cut it? Would he use executive powers to curb surveillance? Not very likely.

Motherboard has an excellent article detailing just how little Ted Cruz appears to understand the internet. When he launched his campaign he didn’t have tedcruz.com, he still doesn’t either, do check out tedcruz.com when you get a minute.

In addition to having a crappy website- worst responsive design ever- Cruz’s donations page didn’t have SSL. Meaning that payment data was unencrypted! Take that NSA(?)

Cruz also thinks Net Neutrality is stupid. Remember this guy went to Harvard Law School. I’m just sitting here baffled.

So he does not like big government, but he does like big corporations.

Voting Record

Cruz voted for the USA Freedom Act saying that it would “strengthen the tools of national security and law enforcement to go after terrorists.” (DailyDot)

Which is right, it would have at first, but the watered down USA Freedom Act we ended up with is several hundred pages of Congressional themed toilet paper.


Cruz has said in the past that Snowden did a considerable public service by bringing to light mass surveillance. However, he has also said that there needs to be a distinction made between “reasonable concerns from conspiracy theories sparked by Edward Snowden” (Senate).


Ted Cruz knows so little about computers and the networks that run them that it would be dangerous to let him play solitaire on a PC running Windows 95 in a room with no internet connection.

Net neutrality- opposed. Surveillance- not opposed. Snowden- wants to try him for treason. Not cool Ted, you’re out.