Top 10 Adblockers For The Desktop

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Adblocking is a controversial business, and neither advertising nor adblocking is going away anytime soon. We’ve written before about good adblockers for iOS. In this article, we’ll show you the best adblockers for computers.

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(Listed in no particular order)

10: Comodo AdBlocker

Image credit: Chrome Web Store

Probably most famous for its firewall, Comodo also has an ad blocker for Google Chrome, Android, and iOS. Comodo adblocker is based on open source code. It blocks not only ads but also malware and tracking cookies. Comodo says its adblocker can speed up your browser by freeing up your computer’s CPU power that ads and cookies use up. That sounds like marketing doublespeak to us. But it can block ads. Download it here: Chrome Web Store.

09: AdBlock

Image credit: Author

Betafish, the company that used to be behind AdBlock, was a small development team that relied on the support of its users. Until they sold their product in 2015, they are rumored to take money from advertisers to appear on their “whitelist.” They took inspiration from the older AdBlock Plus, and made their product stand out. AdBlock makes sure to block ads before your browser downloads them. It doesn’t require your personal information, and it won’t monitor your browsing. It also removes those pesky YouTube ads. By default, AdBlock lets in ads deemed “unobtrusive, adblockers” but you can change this in settings. Download it here: AdBlock.

08: Ka-Block!

Image Credit: Ka-Block!

Ka-Block is an adblocker made by two developers: David Graham and Josh Peek. It’s an adblocker that blocks “an artisanal selection” of ads and trackers. Ka-Block claims it can stop third-party scripts from draining your battery, and speed up your web browsing. It’s available for Safari and iOS. Download it here: Safari Extension Gallery.

06: Roadblock

Image credit: Roadblock

Roadblock is specific to MacOS and iOS. Like Adguard, it has a browser extension but is available as a separate piece of software. You can create separate blocker profiles with different rules and configurations for each one. Content blocking includes ads, tracking, social buttons and widgets, images, videos, scripts and more. Create custom rules for whichever website you want. Download it here: Roadblock.

05: Adguard

Image credit: Adguard

Adguard is available as a browser extension and a software download. It’s on all platforms and all browsers. In addition to the features that standard adblockers have, Adguard has a feature that no other adblocker has: DNS filtering. This lets it block ads inside many apps, not just browsers. Adguard’s DNS filtering might be a privacy concern for some users.  Download it here: Adguard.

04: AdBlock Ultimate

Image credit: AdBlock Ultimate

AdBlock Ultimate blocks ALL ads. There are no whitelists for ads or websites, so if you’re a person who whitelists websites you want to support, this ad blocker isn’t for you. AdBlock ultimate is available for all major browsers, even Yandex. Download it here: AdBlock Ultimate.

03: Adamant

Image credit: Adamant

Adamant is available for macOS and iOS. It blocks banner ads, popovers and invisible tracking scripts that follow you around the web. Like other adblockers, it says it can give you better battery life, as least for your iPhone. Download it here: Adamant.

02: Ad-Aware Ad Block

Image credit: Chrome Web Store

A company called Lavasoft makes this adblocker. Ad-Block has several features that make it stand out from other ad blockers:

  • Transparency on whitelists: Lavasoft doesn’t make money on any ads that users choose to see, and people can add and remove websites to a whitelist that they control.
  • User Interface: Ad-Block’s interface is easy to use, and users can quickly modify the adblocker settings to customize their experience.
  • Detailed Reporting: This adblocker gives you detailed reports, so you understand the connection between your online behavior and security threats, and hopefully use that information to change your browsing habits to be more secure.
  • Speedy Browsing: Ad-Block speeds up your browsing by removing ads that slow down page loading times so that you can access the web content faster.

Even know this list is in no particular order I like this add blocker, it is the one I personally use but lets not forget Lavasoft used to be big into bundled hard to remove software. They appear to have changed their ways and I have given them a second chance because of it.  Ad-Block is available for Firefox and Chrome: Download it here: Firefox | Chrome.

01: JS Blocker 5

Image credit: JS Blocker

JS Blocker 5 is open source and indie-developed. It blocks ads, tracking agencies and social media networks prevent the logging of your online activity. Blocker 5 prevents all scripts from running, stops links from sending referrer information (unique feature); and blocks frames, XHRs, embeds, objects, videos and hides images. Download it here: JS Blocker 5.