Trump is Trumped on All Fronts

We’ve covered Bernie and Hillary; now the Republicans face our grilling. We are going to start off the GOP with a man they said would never make it; they said he would fade away, they said he did not stand a chance. Millions of Americans are proving them wrong and perhaps giving us a glimpse of the not to distant future where a candidate like Kanye West in 2020 is not just for our entertainment. Gather round ye Romans, let me tell you about a man named Trump.

What kind of a country would America be if a rich white man could not make it?

The Tech Literate Side of Trump is Frightening

Trump is excellent at using social media. A lifetime in business has made him good at understanding the mark-sorry, electorate. People love getting RT’d by big names, Trump RTs the shit out of anyone who says anything nice to him on Twitter.

Trump’s most significant statement on the Internet has been that he will get Bill Gates to look into making a kill switch. Now I am sure we can all agree a big red button would be much more satisfying. Given how Trump is a fan of ‘beautiful women‘ as Commander-in-Chief, he’s probably going to request the button be carried around by his version of the Amazonian Guard made famous by Muammar Gaddafi.

“I would certainly be open to areas where we are at war with somebody…I sure as hell don’t want to let people that want to kill us and kill our nation use our internet” (The Indepedent)

He is not a fan of freedom of speech when opinions are dissenting; I cannot think of anyone worse (except maybe Ted Cruz) in charge of any switch that has the word “kill” attached to it.

Voting Record

Trump does not have a voting record. Trump would vote for whatever would get him the most votes and the quickest route to executive power. Instead, this section is just a short personal take on the State of the Union.

Our Bernie article went semi-viral, which was great, I loved seeing the comments on Facebook I am not some lefty crying about the market. I’ve read the Road to Serfdom, I’ve read the Wealth of Nations, I get it. What I do not get is the idiocy of people who think that the market cannot be as oppressive as the state. To stop life being so nasty, brutish and short some things need to be provided for everyone. Universal healthcare is not a communist plot; it is the mark of a civilised society. The NHS (I am British) was created after World War II because the social contract needed updating after the massive collective sacrifice the people of Britain made in fighting off some real dickbags. Come on America do yourselves a favour, the new New Deal is waiting for you in the form of healthcare (and renewable energy). There will be good, exciting, high-tech jobs in research and development that improve the quality of life in the US and around the world in a way that heavily armed autonomous drones and surveillance dragnets simply cannot do.

Baying for blood is an excellent way to rally votes; humans are suckers for a common enemy. Trump has chosen his demographic and he will play to his crowd.


Trump does not like Ed. He has threatened to kill him and he thinks Putin would send Snowden straight to him if he were elected.

Having escaped from the clutches of the NSA, the CIA, the FBI Snowden is not phased by Trump. In an interview with Medhi Hasan Ed had this to say:

Hasan: “Are you worried about what a president trump might do to you?”

Snowden: “No, I’m not… It’s very difficult to respond in a serious way to any statement made by Donald Trump.”

Snowden went on to say that the good guy/bad guy debate detracted from the content of his leaks.


Trump stands a good chance of being the Republican nominee. If you are reading this and doubt the likelihood of a creepy womanising businessman to hold the highest office in a liberal democracy, just look at Silvio Berlusconi.

His policies might be laughable, but the climate that has allowed him to come to the fore is one that demands our attention. Trump would not make America great again; his less-than-cogent arguments can get support from people who are scared. Don’t let the fear get to you America.