New 10Gbit UK & Canada VPN Servers

LiquidVPN Expands its Coverage Area by Offering Canada VPN Servers

We are very proud to announce 3 new VPN servers in Canada. Users can choose between dynamically assigned public IP addresses, shared IP addresses and our exclusive modulating IP addresses in Toronto Canada. The data center is P2P friendly and the servers are on a very fast uplink. USA users should consider using Canada as their VPN end point because of the favorable privacy laws in Canada. There is a total of 256 new IPs at this location. So it could be very useful for anyone wanting to play online poker. Remember to use a dynamically IP VPN connection if you are going to play online poker from our Canada network. The servers in Canada are all Dells with Xeon 1240v3 processors, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, SATA III SSD drives. Each one has at least 1x 1Gbit uplink.


UK Bottleneck has been Eliminated with a 10Gbit UK Server

During the last week there has been a massive increase in traffic to our UK network. We used virtually all of our 10TB bandwidth there within 14 days. We really had to make a quick decision on how to remedy the situation and there was not enough time to setup a complete cluster with IP Modulation, dynamically assigned public IP VPNs and shared IP VPNs so instead we went for 1 very high power dual Xeon server with 32 GB of RAM and dual SSD drives. We went for a high power server with a 10Gbit uplink here because we will eventually convert this system into our UK router. It needs a lot of power to push 10Gbits through it. The UK is pretty strict about copyright laws. We do not condone sharing copyright material but especially not in the UK where the laws are so strict.


Older configuration files have been updated to support perfect forward secrecy

Some of you have noticed that some of our old configuration files have been updated. This is in line with our new security standards in place. LiquidVPN by defaults rekeys every hour. Meaning even if our system ever becomes compromised only an hours worth of data can be deciphered before the system will re-negotiate your keys.


You can download our new configuration files, dialers and 3rd party tools in our downloads section.