UK Censorship Policies Block 20% of the Internet

In order to protect the youth in the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron, got together with BT, Talk Talk, Sky, and Virgin and came up with a method of keeping the innocent minds innocent. With this method, internet providers are blocking certain content that would not be suitable for children. Prime Minister David Cameron wants the public to believe the filters would be used to stop only the pornography; however, the filters block a lot more than porn.  “Free speech is not really something ingrained in the British psyche the way it is in the United States, if we go down the road of filtering, as is being suggested now, this is going to be very dangerous,” said Padraig Reidy, with the London office of the Index on Censorship.

There are positive as well as negative outcomes that internet customers are now experiencing with these filter settings that are now provided. It is freeing knowing that when the adolescent minds of today are surfing around on the net the worry about  these young minds viewing pornography and sites that talk about alcohol, smoking, anorexia and hate speech is limited.  To check and see if a website has been blocked by web filters here is part of ORG’s Blocked project. Some negative result of these filters, is that they block other sites that are suitable for anyone at any age. ORG “tested 100,000 sites and found that over 19,000 – almost one in five – are blocked by one ISP or another.”

To surf the net without being blocked customers will have to go to their internet providers and have them adjust the filter settings. New customers may not know that these filters are automatically turned on when the service is set up. For any existing customers, they will be called throughout the 2014 year to inquire what settings they would like to have in place with their existing service. Sophie Curtis, a technology reporter at the Daily Telegraph says, “Those who opt to switch on the parental controls will have to choose between three set filter levels – strict, moderate and light.” It could be a hassle to go to your internet provider to change the filter settings. The best way to get around these UK censorship filters would be to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) provider such as LiquidVPN. A VPN allows customers to get on the web and search without being blocked. A VPN allows the user to communicate as if they were on the remote network. Additionally, LiquidVPN “is the only VPN provider that offers private DNS, IP Modulation, Intrusion Prevention and a choice between shared or public IP addresses.”LiquidVPN is designed to be fast achieved by geographically separating the location of the servers to be closer to the end users. This geographical separation allows for low latencies and faster throughput due to fewer hops on the internet. Providers such as LiquidVPN can be used on almost any device on almost any location on the planet. If you are interested in learning more about the service come visit our site and how it works!