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UK Kodi Box Users Need VPNs Now More Then Ever

Even if streaming live football on a Kodi box is not your thing, you might feel a little disturbed reading articles on the mainstream media warning Kodi users that they could face up to ten years in prison if the Digital Economy Bill passes unchanged. The Digital Economy Bill increases penalties for uploading, downloading and sharing copyright protected material. Although it is supposed to punish distributors, it could be used against anyone caught downloading or streaming copyright protected content.

What is a Kodi Box

Kodi is an open source media player formally known as XBMC. Kodi works on many different platforms including Amazon Firestick, Android, Windows and more. Recent estimates indicate that there are 20 million Kodi powered devices currently in use in the UK alone. To be clear. There is nothing at all illegal about installing and using the Kodi software in the United States or the United Kingdom.

Kodi is highly customizable software. There is a whole community of developers continuously working to enhance Kodi’s functionality by creating easy to use 3rd party add-ons and builds. The community shares their creations with the rest of the world improving the Kodi experience for everyone. The most popular add-ons are the ones that curate media sources, download trailers, and fetch ratings or reviews from the Internet.

The UK’s Problem with Kodi

The UK has a problem with third party Kodi plugins that provide access to copyrighted material from across the globe. The primary problem with this is that all of your Kodi traffic is clearly visible to your ISP. Your ISP knows what you use your Kodi box to watch. If you watch material that is copyright protected in the UK, then you are potentially making yourself a target of the copyright trolls. Additionally, as part of ISP’s traffic management policy Kodi streams are being blocked and rate-limited making the streams unwatchable.

So how can you avoid all this interference by your ISP and use Kodi the way you want to use it? The answer is a VPN for Kodi which hides the fact that you’re using Kodi from your ISP. If your ISP is unaware that you are streaming with Kodi, then it is unable to block you or identify you when the copyright trolls come knocking.

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What is a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Your Kodi box connects to a VPN server and routes encrypted Internet traffic through the VPN server. VPN service providers such as LiquidVPN give their clients access to their VPN network in exchange for a modest monthly fee. VPNs do not replace ISPs; you still need your ISP to provide access to the VPN, but the emphasis of a VPN like LiquidVPN is on the word Private, as our primary purpose is to protect your privacy. Once you connect to the VPN, all your online traffic is securely encrypted, and its final destination remains invisible to all third parties, including your ISP, copyright trolls, hackers and anyone else who wishes to snoop on your traffic.

The websites you connect to are unaware of your geographical location, quality VPN providers such as LiquidVPN use servers that are distributed across many different countries and have thousands of IP addresses for you to use. The benefits are clear; with a VPN you stop third parties from identifying your Kodi streams. Kodi sites will not be able to see your real IP address. You will be able to access Kodi streaming sites that have been banned by your ISP. You can access geographically restricted Kodi streams, and you will avoid receiving complaints from your ISP about streaming copyrighted material.