New UK VPN Server Online – Service Updates – A Warrior is Laid to Rest

We have just uploaded the config files for our new UK VPN node. The new UK VPN server is online and it supports PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. This is our first UK server and it does not support modulating IPs yet. We will be adding new UK servers with modulating IPs very soon. We hope everyone enjoys this server. We put it online based on the user feedback we received. If you would like to request a new location added then use the feedback tab on the right of the screen.

Users wanting to use the new UK node will need to download the new config files from within the client area. The node has several TCP and UDP options when connecting via OpenVPN. We are looking to expand our UK presence as soon as we can get our hands on some high throughput servers and more IP addresses. We have applied for our ASN# and are hoping to get our own block of IP addresses assigned very soon. This will allow us to add many more modulating IP servers. Currently they require so many IP addresses that there are only a few datacenters willing to work with us on IP addresses. Apparently VPN services do not rank very high on the list when it comes to buying IP addresses. If anyone knows where we can procure more UK servers with 10Gbit or 1Gbit uplinks and 100TB bandwidth then please contact us. We are in need.

A Warrior is Laid to Rest

On a final note our service has suffered another personal loss this week and as such there will be limited support for the next few days. Chet will be missed by his family and friends here at LiquidVPN. Some of you may remember earlier this year when Richard Lukas was taken from us. Chet Lukas was his younger brother. They are both US Army Veterans. Chet will be laid to rest with full military honors at Great Lakes National Cemetery close to his brother Richard.  It has been a devastating summer for the Lukas family. May they both rest in peace and live in the memories of their loved ones forever.