Unblock Websites at School or Abroad

If you are having trouble viewing your favorite search engine or social media website because of censorship you have come to the right place.

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Unblock Websites at School

Unblock Blocked Websites while Traveling Abroad

Access blocked websites from school, work or while on vacation to a country that limits access to search engines, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Steam and everything else the web has to offer.

Access Blocked Websites with a VPN

Many Campuses use advanced firewall technologies to prevent users from accessing content on their network. Once logged into the LiquidVPN network you punch a hole through the firewall that you can use to access the uncensored Internet.

Bypass your School’s Firewall

Being blocked and censored from parts of the Internet is very frustrating. When you want access to a restricted site, you have a few options but only a VPN service provides fast, secure and uncensored Internet access from virtually anywhere on earth.

Saying goodbye to Internet censorship is easier than you think

LiquidVPN is a powerful tool that regularly defeats Internet censorship of all types. Traditionally tools with this much power were reserved for corporations with the budget to hire network engineers and security consultants. This tradition ends with LiquidVPN. Now you have the authority to read the websites you want to read and watch the content you wish to watch without fear and limits.

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