Some Unfortunate Temporary Policy Updates

In the two years we have been around LiquidVPN has done everything possible to uphold the anonymity of its users. Recently we began experiencing a major spike in the number of fraudulent sign ups paying with stolen Paypal accounts and the policy updates enabled here are a direct response to the increase in Paypal fraud. The fraudsters took advantage of the fact that we only required a first name and email address to sign up. Quickly this became a cat and mouse game. They would open up 10 accounts in a day, we would catch 6 of them, 2 of the legitimate owners would file Paypal claims and two would get through for a period of time and use our servers to commit more fraud. This was obviously bad for business. Paypal has been known to cut businesses that have too many claims filed against them and if our servers are involved in too many fraudulent transactions our IP addresses will be black listed at the very least. So we had to make the hard decision to require more information upon sign up regardless of payment method. This is hopefully only temporary. Once we come up with a way to better filter out the fraudulent payments we will modify the update process. Until then there are a few ways to work around this.

If you plan on paying via BTC or Cash and you’re getting flagged for fraud you can open a ticket and ask us to push the order through or you can enter your postal code and city then once you have made the payment delete your postal code and city from our database.

If you are paying via Paypal just enter your postal code and your city. This will allow your payment to be checked by our fraud detection software and once approved you can go back and remove it.

We are currently searching for a method that will allow users to go back to supplying their first name and email address and still weed out the fraud. Once we find a way to do this we will switch back to the method that was in place before. We hope this will not take too long it just depends on the developers behind our current billing solution.