A User’s Guide to the Internet in Ghana

This feature is going to undergo a transformation. These profiles encompass history and current affairs as they relate to the internet and a free media. So from now on think ‘user guide’ not ‘spotlight.’ A, B, C, D, E, F, Ghana.

Google Trends lets you see what the most popular searches are, a useful SEO tool (zzzzz) but in a way it’s a good social engineering tool too. Ghana is the second in regional interest for the search term ‘vpn’ behind Iran, a beautiful country and people who happen to be governed by theological-fascist arseholes. I’m glad we’re only two letters away from Iran! But Ghana is its own trove, so let’s take a look.

Ghana is second behind Iran in regional interest for vpns, ghana vpn

The list is quite revealing

Ghanaian Basics

Ghana is a presidential democracy in the subregion of West Africa. The country gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1957. English is the official language but with a diverse multicultural population of 27 million, there are dozens of others. Ghana is a young country, 46.5% of the population is under 25.

Around 4.2 million Ghanaians used the internet in 2012- 17% of the total population. The most recent estimates put Internet penetration at 19.6%. Mobile penetration is similarly low. Critical mass has yet to be reached in either market. Infrastructure needs investment, Facebook’s controversial Free Basics program is launching in 17 African countries including Ghana.

The media in Ghana is considered one of the freest in Africa. Freedom of the press has been guaranteed since 1992 under Chapter 12 of the Constitution. If Chapter 12 prohibits censorship, then why is Ghana VPN usage so high?

All quiet on the Gold Coast

Although Ghanaian’s enjoy a very free internet, as in there is little filtering. Free-market internet enterprise has taken hold in Ghana so that critical mass may be arriving soon. Despite being described as free by Freedom House, Ghanaians are still self-censoring to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Hence the common searches for “Ghana VPN” on Google. Ghana emulates other free-market neoliberal states in surveilling its population.

The Telecommunications Act of 2005 gives the President the power to compel ISPs to surveil online communications and hand them user data. The emulation of liberal-democratic surveillance strategies means that in Ghana VPN is popular because the encrypted tunnel prevents government spying from taking place.

HideMyAss VPN is popular in Ghana. But users should be aware that using HideMyAss VPN means introduces its own set of privacy issues. BestVPN dismissed this as a non-issue, but with trade deals like TTP and CETA becoming the norm everyone should be making sure that they’re totally covered. Transnational lawsuits over copyright material are imminent. The only government censorship of note occurred in 2002 in response to tribal violence.

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