2 VPN Kill Switches that wont Fail


2 VPN Kill Switches that wont FAIL


Anyone that regularly use an online VPN services built in kill switch or one of the many applications designed to monitor your adapter for a disconnect for any length of time has at least on 1 occasion had it fail. The truth is because no two networks are created equal it is actually quite hard to create a one size fits all VPN kill switch that can be used by average users. I have searched the internet extensively on this very topic while setting up custom business VPN servers and VPN services for professional poker players. After hours of trial and error I have come up with 2 VPN kill switches that have worked on at least 100 installations and have yet to have a reported failure.

Actions Known to Break VPN Kill Switches

I could make every internet kill switch I ever tested fail with a single action. A single action could be running Windows Update. Disconnecting the VPN and testing the kill switch after I performed that action.  Here are some ways to break VPN kill switches.

  • Updating a driver
  • Running Windows/application Update
  • Ending a task/service
  • Resetting or modifying the network adapter
  • Turning on WI-FI or connecting another adapter

This is just a short list of the most obvious ways to break VPN kill switches. During every day use more will become apparent. Many of my professional poker clients find me right after their online poker VPN service or anonymous VPN service’s kill switch failed to protect them while they were signed on at their favorite poker room. Their accounts would get banned and all the winnings in the account would often be lost. The client that hired me to come up with a fool proof solution lost 45 thousand dollars in winnings when his VPN kill switch gave out. He needed a custom solution that was not going to fail. I came up with the 1st method. Later when another poker pro needed something more robust so he could travel and still be protected I set about creating the 2nd method. Now that both of these methods have stood the test of time I am writing about it to share with the LiquidVPN community.

LiquidVPN Simple VPN Kill Switch

The LiquidVPN Simple VPN Kill Switch is basically a Batch file It will modify your default route to the internet. It works very well and requires zero knowledge of your local area network or networking in general. It is very simple and it takes 10 seconds to turn on and off. You just follow the onscreen directions after you connect to the VPN you enable it. Once you disconnect you disable it. I recommend using this one if you do not want to install the free version of Comodo personal firewall or you you just simply do not want to take the time to setup the VPN firewall. This one is only available to LiquidVPN subscribers. The Comodo VPN kill switch on the right is available to everyone.


Download LiquidVPN Simple VPN Kill Switch

VPN Kill Switch Firewall

This VPN kill switch is much more robust. You can travel with it and you never have to adjust the settings on it except when you are adding new locations but adding new locations is very easy. It can also work with any type of VPN connection without much fuss. TaskBAT on the other hand requires a different .bat file for each protocol and does not support switching your VPN servers on the fly. Each time you want to connect to a new VPN server you will need to make a new .BAT file for that server.

Comodo Personal Firewall is free and as long as you install it properly it wont interfere with anything else you have running and only requires a simple modification to your zones to add new servers. If you follow our directions this VPN kill switch will never give your real IP away.