Encrypted LiquidDNS, LiquidNET and VPN Node Updates

Recently we announced the addition of private zero log DNS servers throughout our network and some major VPN security enhancements. The LiquidDNS service and security enhancements have been rolled out everywhere except a few of the older clusters that have proven to be unable to handle the increased CPU power required to run the more resource hungry 4096 bit encryption. One benefit of running our own private DNS is the ability to offer LiquidNET (intranet access to VPN subscribers.) Our Las Vegas VPN cluster is offline for good because of failed negotiations regarding the way we handle abuse. Our client area has been updated and our new mailing list is now live.


VPN Node Security Updates Have Gone Live.

We have completed the VPN node security updates at Kansas City, Canada and New Jersey. At this time those are the only three locations with the CPU power to run the more advanced crypto. We have purchased new servers in the UK and Romania. Instead of bringing down the current UK and RO VPN clusters and have them upgraded we are going to setup new VPN nodes in both locations and then phase out the old VPN clusters after the new ones are online and everyone has moved over to the new clusters. The main advantages of doing it this way are

  1. United Kingdom VPN cluster will finally get access to all 3 types of VPN connections. Users will now have the ability to connect to a Dynamically assigned public IP address, Modulating IP address and shared IP addresses in this very popular location.
  2. There will be zero downtime for users at either of these key locations because the new hardware will be online before the old hardware goes offline.

The NL and DE VPN nodes are not going to be upgraded until the hardware lease is closer to being due for renewal. This wont be for another two or three months.


Encrypted LiquidDNS is online everywhere except NL and DE.

The NL and DE servers were one of our very first servers and they do not have the resources to run our new encrypted LiquidDNS system or the intranet servers we are rolling out everywhere else. For Kansas City, Canada, Romania and New Jersey the encrypted DNS system is online. With the exception of Romania they all use the encrypted DNS by default now. The Romania VPN node must have its DNS manually pointed to our encrypted “LiquidDNS” servers (IP Address is Romania will not default to the new DNS system until the new VPN cluster there goes online. UK does not currently have enough resources to run the encrypted DNS. The new UK cluster has been ordered already. The cluster will be open to the public as soon as possible. We expect it to be online sometime this month.


The first version of LiquidNET is online in Kansas City, New Jersey and Canada.

With the addition of private DNS servers we can now run private websites that are not accessible unless you are connected to a LiquidVPN server. Currently it is a simple speedtest that can be used to test the speed of your VPN tunnel. Once the new UK and Romania VPN nodes come online this month they will both have access to the first version of  LiquidNET. To test your VPN tunnels bandwidth you can point your web browser to http://test.liquid.vpn. We are currently looking into some useful and unique services to offer on LiquidNET. If anyone has any recommendations please open a ticket.


Las Vegas VPN Node is Now Closed.

Our method of handling DMCA requests were not acceptable with the data center in Las Vegas. They knew the types of services we provided before allowing us to sign up. They were also aware that DMCA requests would be generated from time to time. After receiving 1 DMCA request and refusing to lie to them and say that the user was warned for downloading P2P files the president of the company messaged me and attempted to make us pretend to warn and suspend users violating DMCA requests. We did not feel it was worth lying to the DMCA complainant about our practices just to appease the data center. We will begin to look for another west coast location once the new UK and RO VPN nodes go online.