VPN Security and Your Safety

If you need DDoS protected servers, a real VPN kill switch or an advanced firewall you’re in the right place.

Need your VPN service to do more than just hide your IP?

LiquidVPN shows its commitment to VPN security by providing the highest level of encryption natively supported by the protocol you are using. LiquidVPN’s OpenVPN connections benefit from
Data and VPN Security

Secure your VPN with Liquid Lock

Liquid Lock is a VPN kill switch times 10. It is the natural evolution of our commitment to security. With our Liquid Lock feature, it is possible to forgo complicated firewall setups to get the most out of your VPN service.

  • WebRTC, IPv4 & IPv6 Leaks and VPN Disconnect leaks are a thing of the past. With Liquid Lock enabled none of this will EVER happen again.
  •  Allow or block local traffic while Liquid Lock is enabled.
  • Allow traffic to certain IP addresses regardless of your network connection
Replacing the 3rd party firewall

The only way to prevent data leaks 100% of the time is by using a full fledged firewall that controls your ethernet adapter using device drivers. The problem is setting one up requires knowledge of networks. Liquid Lock controls your operating system’s firewall. It will create rules for your network on the fly so that only the encrypted traffic is allowed to exit your adapter. Liquid Lock is currently only available on our desktop client. The only requirement to use Liquid Lock is using our VPN client. For users that cannot use our VPN client the best method to achieve the same level of protection is by setting up Comodo firewall. You can setup Comodo firewall using this guide.

Setup Comodo VPN Firewall

Continue to Stream During DDoS Attacks

When you are live streaming a game or event the worst thing that can happen is getting DDoSed off of the internet. This becomes especially painful when the attacker has no real reason to do it other than for their own enjoyment. The truth is DDoS attacks have become quite cheap and a growing number of them are being aimed at live streamers. There are websites where you can DDoS as many people as you want for a few dollars a month. Most VPN services can protect against small 100Mbps to 500Mbps DDoS attacks but in select locations LiquidVPN can mitigate sustained attacks of at least 10,000Mbps without slowing down your live stream.

DDoS Protected Locations

Stop Fat Hackers with good VPN Security

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