Current VPN Server Locations at LiquidVPN

Click on the interactive VPN server map below for detailed location information.

The VPN Server Map Legend

LiquidVPN has VPN servers in 10 different regions around the world. We have strategically placed our VPN server clusters in locations that provide users the best connectivity and privacy. Below is some very useful information about the different filters displayed in the VPN server legend. Read the information about our network below and then use the VPN server map Legend to display only the options you want.

DDoS Protected VPN Connections

VPN connections at these locations are protected by always on 10Gbps or higher DDoS protection. Perfect for business users, gaming, Forex trading and stream broadcasting.VPN security at LiquidVPN »

Dynamic (Public) IP VPN Servers

Dynamic IP VPN connections aka. Public IP VPN connections provide users with their own public IP address randomly assigned to them each time they connect to their chosen VPN Server location.Dynamic IP VPN Topology »

Shared IP VPN Servers

Shared IP VPN servers are the most popular type of server when it comes to VPN services in general. It provides a good mix of privacy and usability.Shared IP VPN Topology »

Static IP VPN Servers

Static IP VPN servers assign a dedicated public and private IP on a single VPN server that is not assigned to anyone else. Every time you login you will be assigned the same public IP and private IP.

Modulating IP VPN Servers

Every request your device makes to the internet has a chance to modulate the public IP address you are using. The pool of IP addresses are shared between users across 1 or more VPN servers.Modulating IP VPN Topology »

P2P Optimized VPN Servers

VPN connections at these sites have been optimized with P2P in mind. From the way packets are handled and routed to the physical location of the servers these VPN servers are built for Bittorrent and P2P.VPN for P2P and Torrents »

Online Privacy is NOT Dead, but it is on Life Support.

Experts agree without VPN service from LiquidVPN your privacy while browsing online flat-lines.