VPN Servers & Updates

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It is a bittersweet day at LiquidVPN we are taking two of our popular VPN servers offline because the datacenter insisted we provide to much information on the user(s) who were violating copyright laws on those VPN servers. As of today 11/27/2013 USA West and Ziln will start to get shut down. We are replacing them both on a better network that will allow for faster connections.


Over the course of the last three months we have received 90+ copyright notices on Ziln and USA West. The datacenter told us to put a stop to these reports or face a possible loss of service. We really only had 1 choice. Stop giving them the 800 dollars per month in server fees or ban both legal and illegal torrents all together. For us it was a no brainier. LiquidVPN is not interested in policing our network for bit torrent users. We are choosing our networks much more carefully from now on. We have the USA West replacement going online tomorrow. We already added a Germany node to partially replace Ziln and we are looking for an East Coast network as we speak. December will see 3 locations coming online and quite possibly a huge announcement about a new hardware device we will begin selling in early 2014 that we expect to revolutionize the online privacy industry.

Black Friday Deals

We will be running a black Friday promotion. VPN service will be half off for anyone who signs up for 1 year of VPN service. To sign up use coupon LiquidFriday2013. The promo runs from the 28th to the 2nd.


Small Software Update Released

Users of the LiquidVPN client may have noticed a couple upgrade notifications recently. This has addressed some problems running scripts from the Script Library while using PPTP/L2TP VPN connections. We fixed various Windows and Mac bugs. We are working on a major update that is still a little ways out but we wanted to get these fixes rolled out. So if you were experiencing any bugs this update will most likely address them.


Germany Node Online

Some of you may have noticed that we added a new Germany VPN server on the down low. This server is on a premium network with premium bandwidth. We are only able to do shared IPs in Germany because of the lack of availability of IPv4 addresses in Europe but the server should be really fast due to the amazing network it is hosted on. Please check it out.