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If you and your families lack of privacy online disturbs you you’re not alone.


  • Your identity got stolen.
  • Your ISP gave you  a warning about using P2P.
  • You were caught using facebook on the job.

From the innate fear of a rouge government spying on you from across the globe to the hacker picking up your credit card numbers off of a compromised Wi-Fi network. The catalyst to take action really is different for everyone. The truth of the matter is it doesn’t really matter how you ended up at LiquidVPN. All that matters is you found an ally. A VPN service provider you can trust.

You found LiquidVPN, the future of online privacy.
Prevent Identity Theft with a VPN Service Provider

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Free yourself from online surveillance, identity theft and censorship today. Try LiquidVPN for 7 days completely risk free. If your not happy cancel and get a full refund. No questions asked.
Zero Log VPN Service

A No Log VPN Provider

We do not keep connection logs on our VPN servers. What you do on them is your business. If you do not interfere with our ability to provide service to our users we will not interfere with your right to privacy. We are not the moral police and we do not have any desire to become them.

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IP Modulation 2.0

IP Modulation 2.0

No VPN service provider on the planet has anything like IP modulation. We have designed it from the ground up to be the most anonymous form of browsing you can get from any VPN  connection. Now surf up to 500% faster than version 1 of this exciting new technology.

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Our VPN Network

Our VPN Topologies

LiquidVPN does not limit you to one type of OpenVPN network topology. We give you three different VPN topologies to use and offer an optional static IP as a fourth OpenVPN topology. No matter the situation LiquidVPN has the right connection for the job.

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I just want you to know that I am very impressed with the quick Customer Support response time that LiquidVPN has provided since I first signed up a couple of months ago. The VPN provider I was using from across the pond would have had me waiting a week or two receive a reply if ever at all. I’m glad that I discovered your company/service. Please tell your support staff thank you for me. Thank you again sir for getting back to me so quickly tonight!Wade
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highly trained staff

The Best Support Staff

Our self support section is top notch but sometimes you just need to talk to your VPN service provider and when you do rest assured that your technician will be a highly trained professional that will make a recommendation, diagnose a problem or assist you in fixing a erroneous installation.

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Simple VPN Software

Simple VPN Software

Traditionally VPN software was either super simple with no advanced features or ultra advanced but hard to use. We have created something unique. Its compatible with every protocol we offer, fully supports all of the advanced features we offer and is very easy to use.

The Liquid Viscosity Experience »

ultra fast servers

Ultra Fast Servers

LiquidVPN does not cheap out when it comes to infrastructure. We monitor the networks our VPN servers use to make sure their performance meets our expectations. There are fewer data centers meeting our requirements but the performance gains more than  make up for it.

Real VPN Performance »

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