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Without VPN tunnels data is at risk of being intercepted by ISP’s, hackers, and rogue admins seeking to cash in.

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With LiquidVPN your BitTorrent traffic bypasses protocol rate limits, and can’t be tracked back to your IP.

Ensure your online anonymity is protected with a VPN tunnel

The Internet has revolutionized the world. Information and commerce are sent across the globe at the speed of light. The open nature of the Internet has governments and corporations fearful that their time is coming to an end. To prolong the inevitable, they censor the Internet and build walls around data that should be free. VPN tunneling changes that by giving you the power to access the entire Internet without borders.

The basics of anonymous browsing

It is important to remember that being 100% anonymous on the web is impossible regardless of the steps you take. There are ways to protect your privacy and access the content you want on the Internet. Whenever you are online you should use a Virtual Private Network. A VPN changes your IP address and your perceived physical location opening up the rest of the web.

Secure VPN Tunnel
LiquidVPN’s privacy and security highlights
  • Custom software for Windows, MacOS, and Android
  • VPN Servers in 11 countries including United States, Canada, Netherlands, Romania, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.
  • Connect to 41 different VPN servers. We manage our own servers. We do not resell someone else’s network.
  • The LiquidVPN network has 65Gbps of bandwidth. All of our servers are 1Gbps or higher.
  • We have over 2100 available public IP addresses on our network.
  • OpenVPN uses 256 bit AES encryption, 4096 bit RSA keys, and SHA512 (SHA2) for authentication.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and server switching.
  • Three network topologies including Shared IP addresses, Dynamic IP addresses, and Modulating IP addresses.
  • Strict no logging policy built into terms of service.
  • P2P and BitTorrent allowed on all of our servers.
  • Smart Content Streaming lets you watch Netflix, Hulu, and the BBC iPlayer from all of our VPN servers.
  • Our custom client includes a straightforward and efficient VPN kill switch and firewall Liquid Lock.

What is VPN tunneling?

  • It is important to note that in this section we will describe what a VPN tunnel is within the context of a consumer based VPN service that focuses on privacy and security and is running OpenVPN.

    A VPN tunnel in its simplest form is data encapsulation. However,  there is more to it than that. Here is a simple analogy, imagine a mountain with a train tunnel running through it. The mountain is a lot like the Internet.

    A train traveling through the tunnel represents a stream of raw data. It can tunnel through the Internet.

  • For your device to initiate the tunnel, it requires authentication to our network. Once that is established each side of the tunnel generates some random source material and then encryption keys are generated from this random data. This method does not use keys bidirectionally. Meaning each side has distinct send, receive, encrypt and decrypt keys.

    So authentication, encryption, and encapsulation are the three most important aspects of a VPN tunnel. It is something we take very seriously and have spent countless hours implementing.

You know you should be using a VPN when you…

  • Browse the web from hostile networks

    The Internet presents countless opportunities for criminals to cash in on unsuspecting browsers accidentally leaking personal information. Every Internet access point should be considered hostile.

  • Are Torrenting and sharing files

    Whenever you are torrenting, you should be using a VPN. LiquidVPN supports P2P on every server and never limits or blocks torrents.

  • Stream blocked or rate-limited content

    Net neutrality is dying. ISPs rate limit our favorite content so they can extort money from the content providers. VPNs bypass rate limiting and content blocks.

What is VPN Tunneling

Three tips for safe, simple, and anonymous web browsing

Browse Anonymously with Liquid Lock
Enable Liquid Lock

Liquid Lock is the VPN firewall and kill switch. It is not enabled by default. It comes with an automatic mode that can be selected from the Liquid Lock tab in the LiquidVPN client settings.

Select a VPN Tunnel Location
Select your server

Before you connect, it is important to choose a server that is close to you and has good ping in the LiquidVPN software. For the most anonymity select a server outside of the country you’re in.

Protect your online anonymity
Test for data leaks

Once you connect to LiquidVPN, a box is displayed with a “more info” link. Click it and then run the advanced test. If no leaks are detected, it will come back with two all clear messages.

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