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No Data Limits, Ever

Unlimited server switching, throughput and bandwidth.
ultra fast servers

Never worry about running out of bandwidth before the newest episode of “House of Cards” is released on Netflix. Other providers make you request a server switch or limit the number of open ports you can open. LiquidVPN does it differently. We provide unlimited monthly bandwidth, throughput and server switching free of charge.

Access a Smarter VPN Network

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Unlimited server switching

Our VPN network comes standard with free smart content streaming aka Smart DNS. Smart DNS is considered a premium add-on at other VPN networks. If downloading or using guest WiFi hotspots is your thing then LiquidVPN’s optional LiquidIPS upgrade might be the best $3.00 per month you ever spent.

3 VPN Topologies

Access 4 protocols and 3 types of VPN tunnels.
Simple VPN Software

Not only does your subscription come with access to our exclusive IP Modulation. The most advanced VPN tunnel available. You will get access to shared IP addresses, Public IP addresses and 4 different VPN protocols (OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP/SSTP) getting connected to our VPN network from anywhere is simple.

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Real LiquidVPN Reviews by Real LiquidVPN Users

The most responsive tech support person I have ever dealt with!Chris

They did not do what other VPN’s do and schloff me off to the side claiming they will enter a ticket, only to not hear from them again until I complained again. No way! Liquid was on the ball and they did not drop the ball until I was satisfied the problem has been resolved!! Like I said – World Class Service!!JRM

The servers are very fast, and their support is even fasterMark

I just want you to know that I am very impressed with the quick Customer Support response time that LiquidVPN has provided since I first signed up a couple of months ago. The VPN provider I was using from across the pond would have had me waiting a week or two receive a reply if ever at all. I’m glad that I discovered your company/service. Please tell your support staff thank you for me. Thank you again sir for getting back to me so quickly tonight!Wade

I am so happy I signed up. Thank you so much for keeping my thoughts private. Jessie

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