Watch the Brazil World Cup 2014 with LiquidVPN

The Fifa World Cup 2014 kicks off in Brazil on the 12th July with the opening match between the hosts Brazil and Croatia at the Arena de São Paulo, São Paulo. The competition will take place between 12th July 2014 and 13th July 2014 and feature 32 world teams.

For those of you who take an interest in Football you will be pleased to know that all matches will be available to be watched live online. So no matter who you’re backing be it the USA, Brazil, Nigeria, England or even Iran then you will be able to keep up with the all the results live as they happen.

The full range of matches including all the group stages and knockout stages will be being shown live on two TV networks in the United Kingdom. These are ITV and BBC. There is also a chance to catch the games on ESPN but for the majority of viewers this station is either pay per view or only available as part of a cable subscription meaning those without will not be able to watch including those who live in countries that do not get ESPN.

Unfortunately for many fans around the world there will be no games shown live on local television so the only possible route to watch the matches plus seeing your home team play will be to access them on either the ITV or BBC website. The issue with this is both stations only allow TV to be streamed live online if you are currently inside the UK. For many users who are not this would usually cause a problem.

If you try to access either streaming website to watch the games live the website will know from your IP address that you are not inside the UK and refuse to stream the games. Luckily for you we offer two UK locations (Manchester and Newcastle) on our VPN service that when connected assign you a UK IP address which in turn gives the impression that you are in the UK. When connected to either of our UK servers you can now visit both sites and enjoy all of the World Cup matches live no matter where you’re situated in the world.

Each match will either be shown on ITV Player ( or BBC iPlayer ( and both can be accessed once connected to one of our UK servers.

After Spain took the crowning glory back in 2010 in South Africa we, like you will wait with baited breath to see if tournament favourites and hosts Brazil can snatch the title this year. Two interesting developments since the last world cup which saw England’s Frank Lampard goal disallowed ( even though it had clearly crossed the line will be Goal Line Technology has been introduced which should eliminate any uncertainty around goals that cross the line in quick fashion without the referee having chance to have physically witnessed it.

Coupled with that Vanishing Spray will be used for the first time to indicate the position for free kicks and to mark the ten yard line again removing uncertainty of the referee decisions themselves and further enhancing the fairness of the games and overall competition. Two interesting developments that should make this years World Cup in Brazil and excellent one to watch.


The full group stage schedule can be found below along side which TV station it will be shown on, as long as you’re connected to one of our UK servers you’ll be able to switch between both stations as required. We’ll update with the knockout schedule when announced. World-Cup