What is a VPN and How a VPN Works

Bypassing geo-fenced content and securing Wifi is just the tip of the iceberg.

What is a VPN? It's an Encrypted Tunnel Between 2 Points.

When you are connected to LiquidVPN an encrypted VPN Tunnel is created and a secure line of communication is established between your device and our server. No matter how dangerous the route is between you and our servers your data is completely safe and inaccessible to any 3rd party attempting exploit you. The best part is all of this happens with just a few clicks.

How a VPN Works

A VPN network provides authenticated users with enhanced encryption, security, IP cloaking and anonymity. LiquidVPN has developed a suite of exclusive online privacy and information security technologies and features that will enhance your VPN experience by actively protecting your online privacy and internet security whenever you are connected to our servers.

Exclusive VPN Technologies and Features
Data Security

Use an Encrypted VPN Tunnel from LiquidVPN to Protect your Privacy Online

What is an encrypted VPN tunnel?

The concept of an encrypted VPN tunnel is simple. In our case it is two private networks “talking” together as if they were a single network over a public public network using encryption. In our case the private networks are your device(s) and our servers and the public network is the internet. Keeping your data and online identity safe with LiquidVPN is pretty easy and only takes a few minutes, and it works with virtually any internet capable device. Our exclusive groundbreaking technologies provides all the tools required to experience the freedom of expression normally afforded to the chosen few.

Fastest VPN Provider

Faster downloading and streaming.

LiquidVPN does not route traffic through intentional bottlenecks in an attempt to extort money from content providers like many ISPs now do. Experience ultra fast streaming and P2P downloading on the premium LiquidVPN network. Use LiquidDNS our exclusive smart DNS service to stream content from all our servers.Engineered for VPN Performance »

No limits on data usage.

Our network is filled with ultra high bandwidth gigabit and 10 gigabit connections and we encourage users to consume as much bandwidth as they need. Furthermore our network is maintained at a very low utilization rate so the bandwidth at peak hours will always be there when you need it most.More LiquidVPN Features »

Browse the internet anonymously.

Weather you want to view content that is restricted to a certain region or your country blocks access to websites they deem to be “dangerous” or “inappropriate”, LiquidVPN bypasses content filters, conceals your true identity and opens up the internet.Browse Anonymously Online »

Secure VPN tunnel encrypts your data.

Creating a secure VPN tunnel between you and our servers is very simple. Once connected to LiquidVPN your data is completely encrypted from end to end. Unlike our competitors this includes your DNS queries. Your data will no longer be at risk of being intercepted and logged or modified by hackers, government agents or criminals.Supported OpenVPN Topologies »
Smart Content Streaming

Stream content without buffering.

LiquidDNS with SMART Streaming is our private SMART DNS service available free of charge to all LiquidVPN users. Many times just using a SMART DNS still results in endless buffering because your ISP still knows the traffic is coming from your favorite streaming service like Netflix and they are able to then route your traffic through a congested network resulting in heavy buffering. LiquidVPN is different.Explore the Benefits of LiquidDNS »