How Does Modulating IP VPN Topology Work?

Each time your device makes a request for information the public IP address used to make the request has a chance to change.

The Traditional Approaches to VPN Tunneling

There are two traditional approaches to VPN tunneling. They are the “shared IP VPN tunnel” and the “public IP VPN tunnel”. Both topologies were created with remote access to an enterprise network in mind. The benefits to end user privacy (you) ended at the perimeter of the enterprise network (your VPN service).

  • Connect to the VPN Server

    You establish a direct connection to the VPN server. It assigns you a private IP address if you are using a shared topology or a public IP address.

  • VPN Server Sends Packets to Website

    When your device sends data (packets) to the internet the VPN server is responsible for forwarding the packets to the correct location.

  • Website Receives Packets

    The website receives packets from the VPN server and sends back requested data to the VPN server. Everything happens on one public IP address.

IP Modulation’s Approach to VPN Tunneling

LiquidVPN created IP Modulation to improve upon the shortcomings of the traditional VPN topologies. By tunneling your data and the data of dozens of other users connected to our shared and modulating topologies to an external load balancer loaded with a subnet of public IP addresses we can rapidly change the public IP address your device is using without forcing you to disconnect.

  • Connect to the VPN Network

    You establish a connection to the VPN server, the server assigns you a private IP address. The VPN server sends packets to the load balancing router.

  • Router Modulates IP Addresses

    Each time a connection is made your public IP address changes. Only the router can determine where each packet is supposed to go.

  • Web Page Sees Multiple IP Addresses

    The web page completes the connection with multiple public IP addresses. The website is never able to pinpoint one IP address for the user.

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