What’s My IP Address?

There are 5 regions around the globe responsible for the management and distribution of every IP address on earth. Your IP address is your device’s public mailing address. Without it there is no internet. Finding out your IP address is the first step in gathering information about your location and online habits. Much like finding your physical mailing address is the first step in finding your home.

What's my IP address with LiquidVPN?

When you connect to the LiquidVPN network your true IP address becomes hidden and is replaced with our IP addresses. It's the best way to shield your true identity online.

The LiquidVPN Network

The LiquidVPN network is used to hide the IP addresses of thousands of users every day. We consistently add new servers and IP addresses in countries all over the world.

Our Global Network
What's My IP Address
  • Hide Your IP Address

    LiquidVPN is the only service that provides 3 topologies to redirect your IP address. Redirecting your IP address protects your privacy.

  • Encrypt Your Data

    LiquidVPN redirects your IP address through an encrypted tunnel to our servers. Mask your IP address and secure your data at the same time.

  • No Logging. Ever!

    LiquidVPN will never log your sessions on our network. Your privacy is important to us. Connected to LiquidVPN makes you basically anonymous.

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