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In one click you will enhance your online privacy, stop IP leaks, and secure your device.

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 Client requires VPN subscription
and Windows 10, 8.x, 7 or Vista

Get fast, safe and anonymous Internet with our custom VPN software

Our VPN for Windows includes features that will help you defeat censorship, protect your privacy and prevent online tracking. The latest version of our VPN client can block DNS leaks, side channel and MitM attacks. The software has built-in IPv4 & IPv6 leak protection. Best of all our Windows app is very easy to use and incredibly reliable.

Anonymous VPN for Windows

Being 100% anonymous on the Internet is impossible. LiquidVPN makes it possible to hide your IP address and be more anonymous than proxies and browser tricks.

Stop all of the DNS and IP leaks

Make sure your DNS leak protection is working whenever you connect.

Unblock websites from anywhere

Say goodbye to blocked or censored content with our exclusive Smart Content Streaming.

Connect to servers in 11 countries

LiquidVPN has over 65Gbps of bandwidth, 2000 public IPs and 45 servers to connect to.

Make your PC more secure

Liquid Lock is more than just our VPN kill switch. It is a fully featured firewall too.

Windows VPN Software
VPN for Windows

Don’t use public WiFI hotspots without IP leak protection.

Stop using hotspots without LiquidVPN’s IP leak prevention. Hackers can force PCs to leak private information when connected to a VPN without adequate protection.

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If you are not satisfied with LiquidVPN, let us know within seven days.
We will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Anonymous Windows VPN
Epic Built-In Security & Privacy Features

Our custom VPN client for Windows has many built-in security and privacy enhancements. During development protecting your computer from threats, both seen and unseen was our priority.

Advanced VPN Kill Switch

LiquidVPN offers the most advanced protection available on any platform.

Automatic and Manual Modes

Liquid Lock can be set to enable and disable itself automatically, or it can be set to manual to give you full control.

IPv6 Leak Prevention

Our custom Windows software’s IPv6 leak protection is easy to use and very effective.

Granular Firewall Control

Easily allow selected IP addresses to bypass the VPN kill switch and Liquid Lock firewall.

More Cutting Edge LiquidVPN Features

Highly Anonymous VPN

Access a safer, more anonymous Internet from anywhere on earth.

Three Network Topologies

Surf anonymously with IP modulation, public IPs and shared IP addresses.

Dedicated 24x7 Support

The LiquidVPN technical support staff is dedicated to making us number one in customer service.

IP Modulation Technology

IP Modulation rapidly rotates your public IP address at a packet level. With it, you will surf more anonymously.

Multiple Protocols

LiquidVPN currently supports OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSEC

Custom VPN Kill Switch

Liquid Lock is the built-in VPN kill switch and highly configurable Windows firewall.

Private DNS Network

Use our private DNS and defeat censorship and potential IP leaks.

Automatic Client Updates

Download Windows VPN client updates as soon as a new version of our VPN application is released

P2P Optimized Network

Every server in our network is optimized for P2P and BitTorrent.

Protect your Internet freedom today with a VPN for Windows

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If you are not satisfied with LiquidVPN, let us know within seven days.
We will give you a full refund. No questions asked.