LiquidDNS Is Our Private Encrypted Zero Log DNS Service

We have combined best in class name resolution and intelligent routing as a standard option for all LiquidVPN Users

Gain freedom from DNS censorship and outside interference. Bypass barbaric content and media licensing restrictions.

A DNS service translates IP addresses to domain names. It is an essential part of the internet and it is exploited on a regular basis to gain information about you.

When you type in your browser a DNS request is sent to a server somewhere. The server responds with an IP address. Most users rely on their ISP’s DNS or a 3rd party DNS service like google DNS, these DNS services log your internet activity, censor websites and even force advertisements on you even while using a VPN service.

LiquidDNS is LiquidVPN’s encrypted zero log DNS service. It is 100% owned and operated by LiquidVPN and is exclusively available to LiquidVPN users. We developed our end to end encrypted zero log DNS service to prevent DNS based censorship, increase user privacy and to put a stop to DNS cache poisoning.


Censorship Technique #1 – DNS Filtering

Private Organizations and public WiFi hotspots are notorious for configuring their DNS servers to block access to certain types of services and websites. Some take it a step farther by blocking outgoing DNS traffic forcing you to use their DNS servers.
DNS Filtering

Censorship Technique #2 – DNS “Man in the Middle” Attacks

For years repressive governments and 3rd party organizations have resorted to censoring the content available to users by redirecting DNS queries to a different destination than originally requested by the user. This is known as a DNS Main in the Middle attack. A perfect example of this type of attack is Turkey’s ban on Twitter.
MitM Attack on DNS

The Cure - Encrypted and Uncensored DNS

Experience the freedom of a completely uncensored internet. Using LiquidVPN with LiquidDNS passes your DNS queries through our encrypted network straight to our DNS service. Our private DNS network can not be filtered by 3rd parties and defeats Man in the Middle DNS attacks.
LiquidDNS Bypasses Hackers

Zero Logging DNS Service

Many 3rd party DNS servers keep extensive logs. DNS logs track the URL you are browsing, the time and date you visited the URL, the IP address you are browsing from your geolocation data and much more. LiquidVPN and LiquidDNS follow the same strict zero logging policy. LiquidDNS does not retain or modify any DNS query data.
DNS vs LiquidDNS

VPN with 3rd Party DNS Service vs. LiquidVPN with LiquidDNS

LiquidVPN operates its own DNS servers safeguarding users queries against 3rd party monitoring, logging and manipulation. VPN service providers that use 3rd party DNS servers forward users DNS queries through the internet in plain text potentially exposing their users DNS queries to 3rd parties with nefarious intentions.

VPN Service with 3rd Party DNS

Other VPN service providers do not provide their own DNS servers risking their users’ DNS queries being logged, monitored or manipulated by a 3rd party because they were sent in plain text over the internet or a 3rd party network to 3rd party DNS service.
VPN with 3rd party DNS

LiquidVPN with LiquidDNS

LiquidDNS sends and receives DNS queries over LiquidVPN’s encrypted private network. DNS requests are protected from 3rd parties attempting to censor, log or manipulate users requests.
Introducing LiquidVPN our zero log DNS service

Don't let the websites you browse browse you!